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Covid-19 Pandemic – Opportunities in Online Learning for EduPreneurs

Examine emerging trends in digital teaching and learning and engage in discussions about academic continuity. The virtual event, which will take place April May 1, will be designed to encourage reflection, co-creation, and synthesis, with connections to future OLC events for continued collaboration. Both research and evidence-based proposals are encouraged for submission.

This fully virtual conference will include sessions and keynotes aimed at fostering organic interactions and collaborative cross-disciplinary problem-solving. Post-conference on-demand recordings are a great resource for your use for one 1 year! Learn More. Our well-attended events provide premium opportunities to network, discover and share views on online learning, emerging technologies, and best practices for blended learning.

Join thousands of faculty, system administrators, course designers and interested professionals in the pursuit of quality digital learning. Hundreds of courses designed to help educators worldwide strengthen teaching strategies, delivery methods and learning activities. We provide strategically sophisticated yet practical advice to help colleges, universities and educators identify strengths and weaknesses of their e-learning programs. Measure and quantify elements of quality within your digital education programs with our Quality Scorecard methodology.

The program offers criteria for excellence in the administration of e-learning programs which includes over 72 quality indicators for higher education. This is an exclusive OLC member benefit. Membership provides you and your faculty with great benefits and privileges — discounted pricing on conferences and workshops, free webinars, peer networking, early access to research and more. We offer a free community membership, as well as more robust professional and institutional membership.

online learning opportunities

Find which one is right for you. Expand your network while discussing the latest e-learning trends.

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Blogs, newsletters and social connections create an environment in which to exchange ideas and insights with peers worldwide. OLC Innovate Virtual Conference JUNEThis fully virtual conference will include sessions and keynotes aimed at fostering organic interactions and collaborative cross-disciplinary problem-solving. Learn Anytime. Challenge our teaching and learning paradigms, reimagine the learning experience, and ideate on the innovative classroom of tomorrow.

Get the latest information of online learning research findings, current practice, emerging trends and promising new technologies. New Approaches to Enhance Digital Teaching Programs Hundreds of courses designed to help educators worldwide strengthen teaching strategies, delivery methods and learning activities. Draw on the Collective Experience of a Global Network We provide strategically sophisticated yet practical advice to help colleges, universities and educators identify strengths and weaknesses of their e-learning programs.

Join a Visionary Group of e-Learning Leaders. Benefits of Membership Network.Head Start Office, and U. Department of Justice Crime Solutions.

View Training Materials. To provide convenient and timely training for prosecutors and allied professionals in the field of child abuse, the Child Abuse Prosecution Project conducts webinars on a wide variety of topics relevant to child abuse investigation and prosecution.

View On-Demand Trainings. Texas CASA wants to ensure that you have access to the training resources you need whenever and wherever you need them. This includes a revamp of the CASA College e-learning and in-person training with the goal of providing the CASA network with the most up-to-date and innovative tools and resources.

It aims to educate professionals on sex trafficking of children and teens. The series includes six individual modules which will be presented via live webinars. Interested professionals may attend any of the webinars and do not need to complete all six. The modules do not need to be completed in order; however, we recommend that learners with limited knowledge of this topic complete the introduction module prior to others in the series.

View Webinar Series. Child Victim Web LogoChild Victim Web is a multimedia, online training resource for professionals in the child advocacy and trauma response fields. This free, online resource provides foundational training on trauma response, and connects professionals in the child abuse intervention field with valuable information and industry best practices. It is designed for professionals from all disciplines who work with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma as a result of abuse of witnessing violence.

Child Victim Web is frequently updated to reflect up-to-date information and best practices. This series is designed as both a conversation and learning opportunity for child welfare personnel, domestic violence advocates, legal professionals, and other community programs working with adult victims, men who use violence, and children exposed to violence. The Midwest Regional CAC eLearning Portal offers a variety of foundational online training opportunities and continuing education for all multidisciplinary team members.

Most courses are self paced and available for you to complete at your own pace when the time is right for you and come with Continuing Education Credits.

View Trainings.

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Get Started. View Online Training. OVC TTAC provides educational opportunities using a blended approach that incorporates cutting edge e-learning technology, through the National Victim Assistance Academy, instructor-led and online training curricula, and webinars.

This web course was designed to increase access to information about PC IT and to make it easier for more therapists to learn the skills necessary to aid a greater number of families. View Online Trainings. Our eLearning programs are designed to complement our classroom training and allow more students access to valuable training without the burden and expense of travel. View eLearning Options. Victim Assistance Training Online VAT Online is a Web-based basic victim advocacy training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge they need to better assist victims of crime.

This page is supported in part by Grant No. Department of Justice. Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.

online learning opportunities

Other Online Training Providers. Victim Assistance Training Online Victim Assistance Training Online VAT Online is a Web-based basic victim advocacy training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge they need to better assist victims of crime.Join Us.

Type search word s to search the site. Type search term to search the site Search. Online Learning Opportunities. Helpful Documents. Important Links. Chuck Abramo. Chuck Abramo and Jo Murray have added extra online lessons on both declarer play and defense for the next two months as people sheltering in place look for mentally stimulating activities.

Over three decades successfully preparing players to compete to the highest level they can achieve.

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I also offer intense Individual, Pair and Team Training. Robert Barrington. I am a professional bridge player and teacher in New York City. My site LearnBridge. Bruce Blakely. Teaching intermediate and advanced lessons to individuals and groups. I can play in on line clubs and review hands with the student after the session BBO or ACBL on line and also can offer carefully planned lessons on dozens of topics, with practice hands.

Gordon Bower. Raad B Bunni. Tuesdays 10am to 11am PST Mentor session on multiple subjects. Online bridge school with a huge curriculum of over lessons, videos that cover all topics, a Play Online feature where you can practice against my robots, Weekly Challenge Hands to test your skills. Patricia Cantu.By signing in with LinkedIn, you're agreeing to create an account at elearningindustry.

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We use LinkedIn to ensure that our users are real professionals who contribute and share reliable content. When you sign in with LinkedIn, you are granting elearningindustry. We also use this access to retrieve the following information:. There are several problems with the traditional system of education. First of all, you need to pay thousands of dollars per term to attend a prestigious school.

Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something. Nevertheless, online education is still related to stereotypes. These claims discourage many people from taking online courses, so they get stuck in the traditional educational system that consumes a huge deal of money, nerves, and years of their lives.

Allow us to explain why online learning is more awesome than you think. We have 5 advantages of online learning that will make you reconsider your attitude towards this type of education.

You can pick the program of your dreams in traditional education, too, but that would involve traveling away from home, living in a completely unknown city, and struggling in an extremely competitive learning environment. With online education, you can take any program or course present in traditional four-year universities.

The great variety of online programs and courses is a huge advantage of this type of education. Forget about attending classes for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and suffering from back pain by the end of the day.

5 Advantages Of Online Learning: Education Without Leaving Home

You will not be bound to physical class session when you opt for online education. Comfort is a strong advantage, but it can go both ways.

All you need is a large desk and a nice, comfortable chair. A degree is a degree. You will certainly become a better candidate for a job promotion, and your resume will look much better when you apply for new positions.One sector which is going through a significant transformation during the COVID pandemic is — education. Online learning is being enforced across schools, universities, and offices. There are many opportunities in the EduTech ecosystem, and entrepreneurs need to understand the opportunities before starting their e-learning business.

In this blog post, we share five opportunities for entrepreneurs and cover the pain points addressed through online learning. While nations are trying to control the situation, teachers have adapted to a new way of teaching — online learning. In a short period, traditional schooling has evolved and is replaced by web conferences, virtual classrooms, and more. More can be added to the list, but most importantly, the coronavirus has taught the education community that e-learning adds convenience and can be implemented on a large scale.

Challenges and Opportunities in Adopting Online Learning Platforms

Many schools in the US remain closed due to coronavirus. Northshore School District, which is one of the largest schools in the US, recently announced that all its branches would remain closed due to coronavirus as well. In a recent blog post, the superintendent conveyed that Northshore will be shifting education from the classroom with four walls to the cloud.

During the pandemic, one may find many examples where schools are being pushed to adopt the online-only model of teaching. Sending someone through a university may require financial sacrifices. The education divide is constantly widening due to rising college tuition fees. Many experts believe that academics, who are in a position to design courses for students, develop a curriculum that may not match the requirements of the current workforce.

Online Teaching Jobs - Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

After gaining a formal college education and spending thousands of dollars, job seekers often have to sign up for short courses to improve their skill set with practical insights. According to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, the cost of higher education in the US has increased by nearly percent. During the pandemic, one clear alternative to attending traditional classroom-based learning at universities is e-learning. Even before the coronavirus, students were able to earn college degrees online, but the number of options was less and relatively expensive.

The cost of earning an online degree is less than receiving a full-time degree, and quite remarkably, the value-add remains the same for both. Most employees find it difficult to change and improve their skill set in times of perpetual disruption. Such behavior is not good if one wishes to stay relevant in the job market. Many factors contribute to shaping the future of work and increases the scope of reskilling. Some factors include — technological changes, government regulations, health concerns such as coronavirus, work expectations, and more.

To stay relevant, reskilling the existing workforce involves competency-based learning as well as massive open online courses MOOCs. As many nations across the globe are on lockdown due to the COVID pandemic, employers are seizing this opportunity to push reskilling among their employees by leveraging e-learning. Competency-based learning is being preferred by major companies like Delta Dental, FedEx, Blizzard, and more for a variety of reasons.

For an employer, the benefits include improved work quality, lower operating costs, and more. The executive education program has seen the least traction in the past few years. There can be different possible reasons behind such slow growth. One of the primary reasons is — executive education depends on tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge involves a mentor imparting education to an executive through face-to-face interaction.

There are three fundamental components of tacit knowledge — standard teaching, lectures and discussions, and deep interactions. E-learning has begun sowing seeds of inspiration in the field of executive education as well.The primary goal of IIMC is to actively promote the continuing education and professional development of municipal clerks through extensive education programs, certification, publications, networking, annual conferences and research.

IIMC's Education Department has reviewed and approved several online learning opportunities to assist its members in obtaining certification. Please follow the webinar information link below to get more information and register for the courses.

online learning opportunities

These webinars are self-paced courses with no specific dates or times. Participants have 30 days from the time of registration to complete the program. All registrations and payments are done through Captus Press who assists with managing the online platform. Course Catalog and Registration Information.

To see a complete listing of available webinars, click here. Webinar hours vary. Note: MMC applicants may only take programs classified as "intermediate" or "advanced. Ed2go is a service that links you up with a local community college in your area that is offering any of the 30 courses that IMC has approved.

Each course is approximately 24 hours long 4 points each. Click below to see the available courses.

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Participants are given unlimited attempts to pass the final exam. Without traveling away from the office, participants will use an online, interactive learning platform to engage in live events, video sessions and breakout group discussions. With a robust curriculum developed by the Professional Development Academy in a partnership with Fortune executives, public sector leaders, world-renowned academics and thought leaders, including General Colin Powell and Dr.

The University of Phoenix offers students an opportunity to become more effective in their organization by keeping skills sharp and knowledge relevant. For a list of approved courses, click the link below. Click here for more information. This certificate program is designed to provide opportunities for people, from countries around the world, to discuss issues, share information, and learn tools and techniques to assist them, in enhancing government operations, wherever they reside.

E-mail: or call The program is available in both a classroom and an online format. The Adult Degree Program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is designed to meet the needs of working adults who wish to earn their college degree, but find it difficult to attend traditional classes during the week. This emphasis was created in partnership with the IIMC and is designed to meet the needs of municipal and public service professionals — like you!

More Information. This The course includes an e-copy of his book, Mina's Guide to Minute Taking. Minutes of meetings are important documents for recording consensus and decision making, and for tracking the evolution of issues and the history of an organization.

This session offers principles, standards and practical tools to help reduce anxiety about minute taking and establish clarity on what to record. It also explains how minute takers can build rapport with their groups and generate respect for their work.

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Syllabus Enrollment. For more information, please contact Eli Mina at or Online Courses Harvard University. This course will provide licensed medical professionals with an understanding of mechanical ventilation so they can assist with Register by May The Introduction to Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Statements webinars provide a great opportunity to learn the basic Subject Areas View all courses. Trending Courses View all trending.

CS50's Introduction to Game Development. Learn about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games in this hands-on course, as you explore the design of games such as Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.

Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social problems in emerging economies. Opens Apr Get updates on new courses. Email address Subscribe. Recently Added View all recently added. Improve your response to crisis and unprecedented change in health care through meta-leadership. You will build leadership skills Starts Jun 1. Fostering Business Continuity During a Crisis.

While systemic challenges unfold in front of our eyes, new business formations and innovative business models are emerging. Learn a simple yet powerful tool that will jump-start creative problem-solving capability. Starting Soon View all starting soon. The Architectural Imagination. This short course provides expert guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector.