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Just for anyone who is researching the ability to upgrade the cpu or gpu on the Thinkpad P Both chips are soldered on. So you are stuck with what you purchased. With this model there is no way to pair the xeon chip with the Nvidia Quadro which would have been my choice. But there are four slots for so-dimms removable memory and two m. It is much smaller and lighter than the Lenovo Y gaming laptop for which i replaced it with.

I am an Electrical Engineer and do not game so a gtx max-q graphics processor would be a waste of time and money. About years ago, Intel stopped shipping laptop processors in socketable packages, replacing them with chip in solderable BGA packages.

I believe the P7x-series of laptops may use MXM graphics modules for video cards, but there's always a question of whether newer, unsupported modules will fit due to power and thermal requirements, component heights and so forth. I did not even think about power and thermo requirements. I personally only had one laptop years ago with a processor chip which was replaceable. It was a hp and I upgraded it for my daughter-in law about 8 years ago.

Those days are long gone. Thanks for the Idea. Have you tried undervolting the CPU? I've read a lot of positive comments on Reddit about people who successfully lowered the temps of their CPU by undervolting it. Routinely repasting a new computer is a poor idea. When a computer is manufactured, the paste is applied in a dot pattern that gives better coverage than you can get yourself.

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Any Thinkpad P52 owner?

All Forum Topics. Thinkpad P52 cpu and gpu upgradeabilityPM Just for anyone who is researching the ability to upgrade the cpu or gpu on the Thinkpad P I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

Wondering about doing it with mine too :.Throttling to around 2. Previous bios CPU got to around 92c which is still fine.

lenovo p52 undervolt

However on 1. The Bios update 1. How they achieved it a massive increase in throttling Nope, just updated and tried while on charger. Tried a couple of times got and in cinebench r Download bios 1. I really do not see how is possible. I get about on R15 on a iu X16C with mv undervolt on bios 1.

I was sure the TDP power was locked on 1. Are you not hitting 97C cpu temp during that test resulting in throttling.

OCCT might show this.? I tried setting the short and power max in Throttlestop, however did not seem to work. Ok in XTU tho with throttlestop disabled. Even with the undervolt and and standard TDP settings I am still hitting 97c thermal throttling on my u so I am guessing increasing the TDP will not help that much as hitting the thermal throttle at 97c.

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Cruise through downloads on your office network, or connect to several smart devices at home.

ThinkPad P53 (15”) Mobile Workstation

The ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 can handle the traffic. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, and other factors. Purchase any UHD 4K display like the all-new OLED display and get our new carbon-fiber weave top and experience a design that is as modern and stylish as it is durable.

At a mere Because you need reliability, the ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 mobile workstation is tested against 12 military-grade requirements and more than quality checks to ensure it runs in extreme conditions. From the Arctic wilderness to desert dust storms, from zero gravity to spills and drops, you can trust this laptop to handle whatever life throws your way. The fingerprint reader uses biometrics to not only log you in with a simple touch, but protect you from spoofing attacks.

Or, use the optional IR camera with Windows Hello to log in with your smile. Power input 2. HDMI 2. Ethernet dongle 5.

Two major reasons why you may not want to buy the P52 Lenovo Thinkpad

Smart card reader 7. USB-A 3. Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support and protect your investment—so you can focus on your business, not your IT. Bypass phone menus and scripted troubleshooting to access advanced-level technicians with the expertise needed to quickly diagnose and solve problems. Available 24x7. Protect your investment from operational or structural damage caused by common accidents like drops, spills, or electrical surges.

lenovo p52 undervolt

This fixed-cost, fixed-term protection plan minimizes unexpected repairs for predictable budgeting and provides significant savings relative to the cost of non-covered repairs.If you want to read about the dock itself, you will find a separate review about it here. This can happen when the connector is slightly turned to one side, and the power connector does not connect. It is very easy to cause. Sometimes the initial connection is not that good, then again sometimes moving the notebook slightly on the table can cause this.

It is easy to fix, but equally easy to miss.

lenovo p52 undervolt

I have several times wondered, why my notebook is losing battery just to realize that there is no power connection. When connecting push the left side of the connector to make sure it is fully connected. When you connect a Thunderbolt 3 dock for the first time to the computer, you must approve the TB3 connection to the dock. If the connection is not approved, the dock will not function.

Devices connected to the dock will not be connected to the computer. I imagine this is some sort of security requirement, so that it would not be easy to connect complex devices into the computer.

Often a popup will appear to approve the device. You can choose to approve this device forever, or just once. But this popup will not always appear.

Solution: approve the device from the popup, or go and manage approved devices in the Thunderbolt 3 software to approve this device. I wish I could create custom aliases for the devices. Having the same dock at home and at work shows the same name for both. Sometimes peripherals will not be recognized by the dock. This means both displays and USB devices. This is different from the dock not being marked as approved. There are multiple solutions to this one though:.

Solution 1: Reconnect the dock. Solution 2: Power cycle the TB3 dock.

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Remove the 65W power connection from the dock itself, and then reconnect it. Solution 3: If neither of the previous steps worked, try rebooting your notebook.

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If you have problems with the dock, check for firmware and software updates regularly. You can find them on the following page at the Lenovo support site. Note that the instructions do not tell you this, but after the dock firmware has been updated, reboot your computer and reboot the dock as well by removing the power to the dock, and reinserting it.

Otherwise, it will not function properly. Also, before you do this, some additional updates like the audio firmware will refuse to install.

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Lenovo Vantage will also want to update the Thunderbolt 3 software sometimes. Perform the firmware update of the dock separately, then reboot both your computer and the dock.

ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 (15”) Mobile Workstation

Otherwise, you might end up in a situation where the Thunderbolt 3 software on the notebook might fail to install. It fails silently at least if you used Lenovo Vantage to install itleaving you in a state that your dock just does not work. This is a confusing situation, because everything seems to be connected OK, and yet, nothing works, and there are no error prompts or anything. Solution: Reinstall Thunderbolt 3 software. If installation failed, Lenovo Vantage will offer up installation again.I have purchased a P52 with the Xeon hexacore.

Is this normal or is this just isolated to my machine? I am using intel XTU for monitoring. Basically, wtih mV undervolt under XTU stress test the temperature stays in C range, with no throttling.

This should be a normal performance if heatsink and TIM paste are installed properly. I had the same issue as you system has now before opening the warranty case. As you mention it might be a paste quality problem which I also find hard to believe.

My suspicion has always been that the plastic they use to wrap the motherboard also contributes to the overheating. They do that to protect the motherboard from sand or dust I guess, and maybe anything else that can cause issues. The one I attached to this thread doesn't look good. There were detailed pictures posted some time back showing that heat assembly is not making proper contact with the CPU die and voltage regulators.

What disturbing to me is a slow deterioration and decrease in heat transfer - it was ok at first on my machine, then got progressively worse over time. Now it is fixed again, and everything is looking perfect under heavy load - both CPU and GPU are in the ideal cooling state. But I don't know how long it will last and what causes it to detriorate - housing flex?

In your case unfortunately it looks like a lemon from the very beginning, definetely not normal to have these temp spikes and throttling behaviour. I have the i7 H in my P52, and when running XTU, I might get a short thermal throttling period at the beginning - before the fans had time to spin up. They are a little bit slow to spin up.

But once that happens, the CPU goes back to around C and stays there for the rest of the stress test, and there is no thermal throttling at all for the rest of the test. There is power limit throttling, but that is a different thing entirely. Could you post exactly what you tuned in XTU for your P52?

Or point us to where precise instructions are? I have P71, not P You may want to reduce core voltage offset. In my case I reduce it to mV.

However, when working properly my P71 does not overheat without any tuning. If it's broken, it would throttle even with core offset applied. Adjusting core offset allows you to run a system a little "cooler" and stretch battery life.Traditional powerhouse.

Despite the media attention stylish ultrabook workstations such as Dell's XPS 15 receive, traditional portable workstations like the Lenovo ThinkPad P52 are still the backbone of the workstation market. How well does the latest release of Lenovo's conventional ThinkPad powerhouse do?

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Find out in our extensive review! Three years ago, Lenovo announced its brand-new P-series of workstation laptops in a market segment that had formerly been halfheartedly served by the ThinkPad W-series whose design was heavily inspired by the T-series. This year, Lenovo presented the third-generation P-series starting with the smaller In other words: The ThinkPad P52 is anything but a steal, and as such it is in good company in the portable workstation market that is rather small in total numbers but very profitable due to its high price level.

It is dominated by the three major players: Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The P52 meanwhile is not a complete redesign; it's a facelift of its predecessor. The overall design language is very traditional, and the P52 is easily recognizable as a ThinkPad laptop with its black square-edged case and color accents sprinkled sparsely in-between, such as the silver hinges, the silver ThinkPad logo, and the red TrackPoint.

Up close, we noticed some minor differences though. The power button is no longer made of matte plastic but is glossy plastic instead. The status LEDs are now white instead of green, a design choice Lenovo implemented on its entire lineup just like the removal of the blue sprinkles on the middle TrackPoint button.

Last but not least, the device is missing the engraved Lenovo logo on the display lid. In regard to materials and structural design, the device remained almost untouched.

The display cover is still made of a very robust fiber-reinforced plastic material. Its rigidity was top notch, and we failed to discover any flex in the keyboard or palm rest area whatsoever.

The display lid, for example, is coated in a velvety rubber lining whereas the palm rests are made of simple slightly roughened plastic. Nevertheless, build quality and workmanship were superb. Their maximum opening angle is slightly over degrees, and they are firm enough to hold the display rock-solid while still allowing one-handed operation.

Best Displaysfor University Students. Size and weight have remained largely unchanged from the previous model, and the P52 remains fairly hefty. The 4K model differs from its predecessor in that it is now equipped with a glass-covered touchscreen by default. Accordingly, the 4K SKU is g heavier and 1. While the design changes are fairly minor, the changes in connectivity are anything but.

Gone is the traditional docking port for mechanical docks at the bottom, and the P52 features two Thunderbolt 3 ports instead compared to just one USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 on the P The ExpressCard 34 slot on the left-hand side had to be sacrificed for a larger cooler in order to provide proper cooling for Nvidia Quadro P Accordingly, the ports had to be shuffled around quite a bit.

There are no USB-A ports at the rear anymore before: two. Instead, the third USB-A port is now located at the left-hand side. The ports at the right-hand side seem somewhat cramped, which could lead to issues when using adjacent ports.

Unlike many other new notebooks, our review unit featured a full-sized SD card reader on its left-hand side. It was capable of taking in SD cards entirely, and was almost twice as fast as the cheaper model that can among others be found on the ThinkPad P52s. A wide variety of communication options are available for the P It performed very well in our benchmarks, particularly when transmitting data. As expected of a born-and-bred business notebook the P52 supports a wide variety of security features, among others the smart card reader on the left-hand side or the touch fingerprint reader on the palm rest.

The latter worked very well during our tests. This is a more elegant solution than the hitherto most commonly used Post-it webcam cover. Speaking of which, the latter now includes an infrared sensor with support for Windows Hello, which was unfortunately not available on our review unit.

The ThinkShutter and infrared camera are mutually exclusive, meaning that you can either have one or the other.There are several threads about successfull undervolting different P series machines. I suggest we make a thread where we can list the successful undervolt settings, so we don't have to re-answer the same questions again and again.

XTU and ThrottleStop control many of the same registers and so do not play well together. Got stable results at After undervolting, cinebench scores improved significantly around multicore, single core, opengl. After that i ran audio software with two p monitors I work with video a midi controller and loaded a relatively heavy session. The cpu clocked at around 3. Im worried about these temperatures. Not sure what to do.

I had also enabled that ThrottleStop automatically switches to 1 on AC power, and 2 on battery which I can also change manually if I want. I used mainly CineBench to test it first, then if there was a program crash during daily word, I scaled back a bit. I got stable results with mV now, no crashes, program failures and so on.

The machine is dead silent now, the fans hardly ever turn on during daily office work, Firefox, Youtube, Word, Outlook, etc. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

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